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The Maremma shoreline is one of the most varied and suggestive in Italy. It alternates wide sandy beaches, small and hidden creeks (some of which can be reached only by boat or from within the National Park of the “Uccellina”), and rocky cliffs that descend into a crystal clear sea. The wealth of marine fauna indeed makes of this area an internationally appreciated location ideal for snorkeling and scuba-diving. The varied environment offers many opportunities for enjoying nature, with its vistas and natural attractions of rare beauty.

For those who love HISTORY and ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, Residence L'Oasi stands as an ideal starting point from where to undertake suggestive archaeological visits to important Etruscan sites such as Roselle and Vetulonia. >From the Residence L'Oasi, one can also explore numerous medieval towns in the inland, such as Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana (which are built on tufa rock); or Massa Marittima, Roccatederighi, and Sassofortino, placed along the slopes of the “Colline Metallifere,” an almost intact natural reserve. Or, one can conveniently access the marvelous hilltop villages of Santa Fiora, Roccalbegna, and Arcidosso, on the slopes of Monte Amiata (an important skiing resort during the winter as well as an enchanting setting in the summer months). Still, from the Residence L'Oasi one can head off to beautiful villages, rich in history, such as Scansano, Manciano, Capalbio, and Saturnia (probably the most outstanding ancient spa in Tuscany).

From Residence L'Oasi, one can easily reach the most significant artistic centers, like Firenze, Siena, Roma, Pisa, San Gimignano, and Volterra, as well as the must-see hills of the Chianti region, especially the areas around Montalcino and Pienza, with the characteristic vineyards and olive trees which are a target of enological tourism from all over the world. These field trips can be done in one day (by bus, train, or car), so that one can conveniently reach the residence back for the evening.

For those who are fond of uncontaminated nature, Maremma is one of the few regions to have remained in their natural state and with the highest number of protected areas and natural parks. First amongst them, and just a few minutes away from the Residence, is the Natural Park of Maremma (also known as “Parco dell’Uccellina”), one of the first parks to be constituted in Italy (in 1975) and the only one to have received the European certificate of naturalness. Within the park, still to this day the Maremma cow-boys known as “butteri” perform their daily tasks of horse breaking and raising following the same methods of the past. Other naturalistic areas worth of mention are: the Natural Reserve of Diaccia Botrona, an internationally renowned marshland; the Natural Reserve of the Orbetello Lagoon, the first WWF site to be instituted in Italy; the parks of the Colline Matallifere; the Faunistic Park of Mount Amiata; and the natural reserve of the Tuscan Islands. For further details, you can visit the list of websites below.

Finally, for those who do not want to use line boats but prefer a more personalized outing, daily field trips are organized by Residence L'Oasi’s staff to the pearls of the Tuscan Islands: either the well-known and well-equipped Giglio and Elba islands, or the wild and untouched islands of Montecristo, Capraia, and Pianosa, far from the itineraries of mass tourism and accessible only on foot – a real pride of the important natural reserve.




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